“As my weary feet slogged along the well trodden dirt, my eyes beheld a sight that still entrances me to this day…resounding along the horizon was the marble-stately spires and walls of Bolderton; shining with all the glory the sea can give her.”

Bolderton, is a main point of trade for both inland and across the vast ocean. Located in the south-eastern coastal line within the Isle of Shar it receives a good portion of much of the sea trade and is usually exports that to to the inland town/villages within it’s influence. It is protected by a large system of walls and ballistic defenses that are placed upon crenelated towers at key intervals and gates. A main thoroughfare into the city is the Tradesway which takes you under an imposing crystal boulder known as the GodsHammer, a massive conduit of arcane energy used as a last line of defense in sieges or catastrophic scenarios.

Bolderton’s government is a monarchy which was able to be formed after many a power struggle in dealing with various guilds and coups run by other seedy organizations. Currently sitting upon the throne is Tayoress Sunfang. He is known to be a fair if untested ruler for the most part of his reign. The city has mostly been at peace and not much conflict has arisen to test Tayoress’ abilities.

Bolderton is a small to medium sized city comprising of a municipal landmass of roughly 0.30 square miles or 193 acres. Compirising a population of 11,502. The most common race is Human but Elves, Dwarves, and Halflings can be found within Bolderton’s walls. There are a few Half-Orc residents whom are well-loved by the populace.


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