Zera Datura


Zera Datura’s birth was seen as a horrid curse by her mother, but a wonderful opportunity for power by father. This made the first ten years of her life a very lonely existence. Her days filled with learning how to be the dagger in her father’s belt, she had never knew what a family was. The Infurnal language was schooled into her through beatings along with how to use what little power she was born with.

One night, her mother took Datura on a walk through the forest around her house. It was a night of many firsts for her. The first time she was allowed outside, the first time she spent time with her mother, and the first time someone tried to kill her. Datura’s mother wanted to right the sin she brought into the world, and she would have succeeded if not for her father’s interruption. He grabbed her mother’s wrist before the knife could plunge into her chest. As her parents struggled against each other, Datura ran not caring about the outcome of her parent’s selfishness.

She ran all night, as far as he legs would take her, until she collapsed deep in the forest. She was found by a ranger named Bran Stormwind. He took pity on the child before him and decided to take her to his longtime friend. Varis was elfin druid that lived in isolation from the rest of the world. Scared and alone, Datura just cried the first day she woke. Bran and Varis did what they could to show they meant her no harm and just wanted to help. After much patience on their part, Datura finally showed some trust towards the two men who saved her.

From that day on, the two men raised Datura. It was a challenge to raise a young female tiefling, but it was one neither of them regretted. For the first time, she felt like more than just a tool, and often wondered if this was what family was meant to feel like. Bran would often leave to do some jobs, or do things that he considered only his business to know. Varis would teach Datura about the forest around them, and the value of nature, leaving only for his meeting with the Circle of the Moon. At age thirteen, Varis granted Datura a new name to signify her leaving her past behind.

Zera, meaning seed and new beginnings, was the name she dawned. Varis wanted to saw promise in her, and decided to begin her training as a druid. However, fate is unkind. Varis departed for his meeting of the Circle of the Moon. They would meet once every few months to exchange information as well as new teachings. Zera was often left alone during this time since Bran would also be away on business. She had plenty of chores to keep her occupied while the two were gone. This time, she was able to complete all of her tasks before Varis would return. It was not something that ever happened. She waited, he never came.

Bran came for her after two weeks. He didn’t say a word as he gathered what little belongings Zera had to call her own. He didn’t need to say anything, the look in his eyes was more than enough for her to understand. Bran took Zera from the place she called home while silent tears fell from her eyes. He brought her to his homeland, where her days as a druid were replaced with that of a ranger. They lived with the unspoken truth for many years, her training consuming most of their time together.

Once a year Bran and Zera would go back to the cabin in the woods to clean it up and say a prayer for Varis. They would stay for a few days to keep the memories of their time together alive. In her twenty-third year, Bran sat her down and finally told Zera the truth of Varis’ death. During their meeting, the Circle of the Moon was attacked by a powerful fiend. Many were able to escape, but many of some stayed to fight. Varis was one of them. Bran had only heard about it a week after, and used his knowledge to track Varis to the meeting place. That’s where he found him, and buried him along with the others that fell. As far as he could tell, the fiend was not there, alive or dead
With the truth finally known, Bran handed Zera the key to Varis’ cabin. It was time for her to find her own path in the world. As for him, he needed to find a purpose in his life again. Bran would go on a journey to discover himself again, and hopefully find a new path to walk. With a promise to write and visit the cabin once a year, he left. It was a lot for Zera to take in. Not knowing where to start, she went back to the only place she ever called home. Bran didn’t know who or what the fiend was that killed Varis, but she could make it her business to find out. She knew Varis kept some information on fiends in his private study. She would spend the next two years reading his notes in hopes it would lead her to down the path of revenge.

Zera Datura

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